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We have a very simple mission at MichiganCarpet - Keep improving the home improvement industry.  We have all been told that you get what you pay for, but that is not always completely accurate.  In some cases, people pay big bucks for carpetflooring to large companies but still wind up getting substandard workmanship. We encourage consumers to educate themselves and use reputable carpet flooring companies who practice good business ethics and fair carpet pricing. 

Beware of advertising scams!  Many companies claim to give consumers "FREE INSTALLATION" or "WHOLE HOUSE INSTALLATION FOR ONLY $25."  While these deals sounds great, be sure to read the fine print. Installers do not work for free just because the store they work for is running a sale.  There is no such thing as FREE INSTALLATION!  If a company is offering this, it is usually because they are over inflating the price of padding or the flooring product itself.  Most padding costs $1.50-$2.50 per yard.  Many companies who boast "FREE INSTALLATION" are actually charging up to $6.75 per yard for carpet padding that costs much less.  Rule of thumb, do not fall for offers that sound too good to be true!  Companies may use tricky advertising tactics to get in the door and once in, customers find that the carpet on sale is undesirable, or there is an unforeseen catch, last minute cost or hidden extra.  Purchasing your new flooring should be a fun, exciting time and not a stressful, high pressure experience. To combat this, there are online resources such as this to help educate and empower consumers in the buying process.

Most carpet companies in Michigan offer a wide variety of different types and textures of carpeting ranging from low end products up to very fine high quality goods.  There are a few simple ways to gauge the quality of carpet.  Dig your fingers in to the pile.  Examine the yarn, twist, and density of the carpet fibers.  How does the carpet feel?  How long is the warranty?  Often sales people will try to confuse customers with industry jargon or complicated terminology.  Use your judgment and examine the carpeting and carefully read the warranty information printed on the label.  Most good carpets will cost between $29 and $40 a yard including materials and basic installation.  Carpet of this quality level can last approximately 10-15 years.  Lesser quality carpets will range from $15 to $25 per yard for materials and basic installation. 

A good padding very important for the longevity of your new carpet.  With a firm berber type carpet, a high density pad with a medium to low height is recommended to ensure its best performance.  With plusher carpets, a 7/16 or 1/2 inch thick rebond pad with a 6 to 8 pound density usually works best. 

Knowledgeable, experienced installers are key to good installation.  If a carpet installer claims to be the cheapest, he is probably not the best.  Top installers are like the best doctors or attorneys.  The better they are, the more valuable their time.  A good installer will usually charge about $5 dollars a yard for basic installation work.  Pricing may vary depending on job details and extras involved such as removal of old carpet floor covering, or moving furniture. Skilled installers will power stretch the new carpeting as part of their installation.  By power stretching the carpet, the chance of a wrinkle forming in your new carpet is far less likely than if an installer simply uses a kicker to stretch your carpet.  Does your installer back their work? If so, for how long?  What are their policies? Do they have references? 

The internet is a great place to start your research for good carpet companies in Michigan.  Websites including Yelp, Kudzu, Angies List and others are great places to research customer feedback on local companies.  The Better Business Bureau can also can be helpful, but be aware that just because a company has a high grade, does not necessarily mean that they should be trusted.  A flooring company with hundreds of customer complaints can maintain a good rating with the Better Business Bureau as long as they respond to complaints.  There are many companies with hundreds of complaints and negative feedback on various websites that are still able to maintain an A or better rating with the BBB.  Check into how many and what type of complaints go to the Better Business Bureau.  Most consumers do not report to the Better Business Bureau when they have a customer service issue.  Customers generally go to the Better Business Bureau after several failed attempts to find resolution with a carpet company directly.  If a company takes care of its customers, it is our belief that they will resolve issues to ensure the satisfaction of their customers